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A fatigued aura blankets the household, and the tranquility slowly creeps towards her. Before she knew it, her sparkling eyes begin to melt into their sockets, and a blanket of skin covers the glass-like surface. His almond-shaped eyes blink at a mile per minute, and his eyelashes capture the light and radiate with immense emotion. The ripple of those fluttering wings tickled her porcelain cheek. Goodnight. Up, up, up all the way into the heavens they drift.
d r e a m.
% Lets make a story.
& # @ Play a game.
* # $ I\'ll type one word
$ ( ! and you type another
@ & ^ and we create a story.</i>
## And it all disappeared.
:iconantigrrl:antigrrl 0 8
Taariq. morning star. swahili. Pierre. rock. french. Miliani. gentle. hawaiian. Though their names stem from completely different origins, their aura brought them together. And tore them apart.
The friendship was like a cycle, like a centrifuge. The invariable relationship circles around [ and around and around ]...Encompassing the same borders, but as the three-hundred-and-sixty degree motion gains speed, something, someone was bound to fall out. As if one were spinning multiple marbles on a roulette table, one would uncontestably skid, trip, tumble. There was one too many marbles for their liking.
As the morning star crashes into the rock, its gentle spirit is washed away by the dawn\'s dew. And as it inevitably dries up undreneath the sun, it crumbles.
:iconantigrrl:antigrrl 0 10
Impropr Grammr
Impropr Grammr
They were alone, he and she.
Backs against the world,
Faces towards the heavens:
Not a human soul nearby.
Yet wildlife lingers;
A bluepurplesilver dragonfly flutters past their feet;
Greenyelloworangered leaves of trees
Stencil dark, geometric shadows onto their bodies.
Painstakingly perfect - like a cookie cutter.
They were alone, he and she.
Left alone to gaze at the clouds:
Swirls, curlicues, swoops, dots.
Synergy, these nonsensical shapes and lines form:
A German Shepard's head; a compressed hamburger; a sailboat;
So they can sail to the tip of the world,
To the edge of the sea.
Through rough terrain, above ludicrous plains, under pulchritudinous waterfalls.
Traverse the Orient, explore the exotic forests of South America.
Anywhere and everywhere imaginable.
They were alone, he and she.
Forty-degrees and nowhere to go.
Warmth radiates from their tangled bodies,
Like a candle effulge
:iconantigrrl:antigrrl 4 42
Decryption of the Soul
Decryption of the Soul
I've found him.
he was her
fallen ___________
>>>>>>> a n g e l
And she's never felt so (whole).
heR: babe...
hiM: shhh...
heR: but...
Although words are seldom exchanged,
three words are on repeat in her mind;
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
And she thinks of him every day.
"Darling, what's on your mind?"
With an idle expression, he retorts with a mumble.
Rewind. And repeat.
The monotonous reptitions of her daily life.
But oh, how the love //un//conditionally lasts.
Days pass, |r|e|a|l|-ization sets in.
But she won't deem it so.
No. No. No.
{{Tender passion has been everything but real.//
//Time and again, it's has been proven.}}
She's got the heartburn
that no antacid can cure.
...Entropy all over again.
:iconantigrrl:antigrrl 3 36
Keeping Busy by antigrrl Keeping Busy :iconantigrrl:antigrrl 2 44
Athleticism in a Noun
Athleticism in a Noun
She lets out a sigh as she walks aimLESSly down the halls.
Her frantic eyes jump from left to right.
Even with delirious movements,
She still wanders back and forth (and back and forth) a l o n e.
To think that someone is waiting for her at the end of the corridor...
t h ink a gain.
Still searching.
Her head lowers. Nothing special.
No one // nothing you could really
t a l k
It wasn't like this before.
Things have changed.
Her thoughts aren't clear anymore.
CLOUD/ed | FOG/ged | con/[SEAL]/ed.
Scraps of words and sentences clutter her already chaotic mind,
Such speculations come and go like st-atic-el-ectri-city.
Before she can grasp onto her belittled thoughts,
Time has consumed it all.
As she arrives home...
(I thought home was supposed to be my sanctuary - but it's only my hell.)
...A sense of sorrow lines her tired eyes
As she stares at her reflection in the mirror.
Standing *nude*, *bare*, *vulne
:iconantigrrl:antigrrl 7 44



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